Portable Sewage Submersible Pumps

Portable Sewage Submersible Pumps

Portable Sewage Submersible Pump

Veer Pump Portable Pumps are to reach places where often pumps cant go. They are light in weight makes easy handling and installation. Pumps and motor both are fitted on Single shaft. Motor above and pump below ensure to remove maximum sludge water from the pit. Low Maintenance Cost and easy to repair with better life.


  • Suitable for handling screened sewage
  • Removal of Kitchen Waste
  • Cleaning of Manholes/Trenches
  • Removes all sorts of industrial waste

Available On Request

  • Float Arrangement in Single phase pumps
  • Auto-Coupling Arrangement
  • Cutter arrangement,Agitator Arrangement

Head Up to 70 mtr
Capacity Up to 132 m3hr
Discharge Size 32 mm to 100 mm
Temperature 45°C
Solid Size 50 mm
Connection  DOL
Voltage & Phase 415 V , 3 Phase / 215 V, 1 Phase Up to 3 HP
Insulation/Protection  ˜F Class / IP 68
M.O.C C.I, C.S.


Impeller CI.IS 210 FG260
Pump Casing C.I.IS 210 FG260
Motor Body S.S.202
Shaft S.S.410
Stainer  S.S.202
Fasteners S.S.202
Cable  PVC Insulated Copper Conductor Flexible Cable
Mechanical Seal TC Vs.TC OR SIC Vs.SIC